Did we mention we like to have fun while we work? Our black lab, Marley, is the inspiration for our name and our daily reminder of what is important in life. Here are a few things he’s taught us:

  1. Always be happy to see those you love
  2. Approach each new experience with enthusiasm
  3. Don’t hold a grudge
  4. Never underestimate the power of praise
  5. Appreciate simple things…a sunny day, a long run, a kiss on the head
  6. Be loyal
  7. Good relationships take work
  8. Always being grateful for each new day
  9. Care deeply
  10. Speak kindly

Our commitment

Our dog is the master of enthusiasm, and we try to bring that with us every day to the job site (the enthusiasm, not the dog). We approach each new project with all-in, dock jumping enthusiasm and commitment.

It is also our mission and privilege to give back to the community with this same enthusiasm. As a group, we have dedicated our time and resources to the following organizations:

  • Helping Paws, Inc.
  • IOCP (Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners)
  • Many Hands, LLC
  • Open Arms