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Black Dog Homes Twin City Home Remodeling Service

Home remodeling is an option for most homeowners who want to upgrade their homes, improve the resale value, or achieve other benefits. Like any other construction project, home remodeling can be a daunting process. Therefore, regardless of how tempting it is to save some dollars by renovating the house yourself, you should consider working with Twin City home remodeling experts.

twin city home remodeling
Before looking at various remodeling services, below are some reasons why home remodeling might be a perfect choice for you:

Increase comfort or enjoyment

Improving comfort or level of enjoyment is among the many good reasons mentioned by our home remodeling customers. Most homeowners renovate to include personal features and additions that make their houses more personalized.

Fix safety issues

Unfortunately, some home remodeling projects can’t be ignored. Common problems, such as roof leaks, foundation cracks, or electrical problems, should be corrected immediately for safety reasons.

Improve home’s value

You can also remodel your home to improve its value, especially if you intend to list it for sale. With this, choose specific renovations that increase your home’s value, such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Increase efficiency

New ventilation, better functioning heat pump, and new windows can decrease energy costs over time. Efficient homes also attract buyers.

At Black Dog Homes, we help homeowners with remodeling options that are tailored and designed to suit their lifestyle.  We also provide recommendations on the best rooms to renovate, especially for homeowners looking to increase their home’s value.

Our Process

At Black Dog Homes, our main-level home remodeling Minnesota services take a collaborative approach with our clients. This ensures that we provide a seamless home renovation experience built on trust and integrity.

Our home renovation process follows the following steps:


Initial Consultation

Homeowners share their ideas, budget, timeline, and challenges, while we share various options that can be used to achieve their remodeling goals. We’ll then draw up, review, and sign the construction agreement.


Initial Design

We’ll select an architect and designer from our team that fit your project, and they’ll get to work on the as-built structure and drawings of your future home.


Final Design

We’ll continue crafting the final design for your home by refining our drawings and scope to your satisfaction and making material selections.


Pre- Construction

We’ll take care of all permitting for your remodel and ensure the structural engineering and trades are compliant to your local building codes. During this phase we will also be able to establish a Production Schedule.



We’ll install protection at your home and begin demolition and construction on your project. Your project manager will visit the job site daily, meeting subcontractors to discuss details and the day’s work.


Post- Construction/ Warranty

Construction is complete and you are now welcome to enjoy your new home! After we’re finished, our team will go through a punch list to make sure everything is complete to your satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

Black Dog Homes is among the many Minnesota home remodelers. However, you should choose us for your home renovation for the following reasons:

We are renowned for building Dream Homes

At Black Dog Homes, we have gained a good reputation among homeowners and other clients in the Twin Cities. With repeat clients, we are truly your builder for life. We are proud to be two-time Dream Home Award winners.

We live for the intricacies of fine homes

Our construction experts are experienced in handling all your renovation projects. We have the expertise and a great team of design and architects to craft your vision into a reality. High-quality craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe trust and communication is the foundation of a fine home

We understand that home renovation is exciting yet challenging. This is why we engage and communicate with our customers openly through every step. We allow for open consultations, provide a list and estimate the requirements and overall pricing before starting the project.

Home remodeling services by Black Dog Homes go beyond simple remodels. Our main-level remodeling services put our clients first, ensuring that we provide high-quality exceptional craftsmanship.