Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends to Incorporate in Your New Build or Remodel

As experienced home designers and builders, we’ve seen firsthand how a well-designed kitchen can transform your home. The kitchen is where we create delicious meals, build memories with friends and family over food or drinks, and even work from home! 

It’s not just a utilitarian space—it’s the heart of your home. That’s why it is important for you to stay in tune with the latest kitchen design trends if you’re planning on building a new house or remodeling an existing one.

Staying up to date with what’s hot (and what’s not) has benefits beyond aesthetics; incorporating popular design ideas will also increase functionality and add value to your property. In this blog post, we’ll share ten top-notch kitchen design trends that homeowners should consider when making their next big renovation decisions.

Kitchen Design Trends

10 Top Kitchen Design Trends for Your Home

Our selection of 10 top kitchen trends will take your cooking and entertaining space to the next level. From smart technology and multi-functional islands to organic materials and bold color statements, these trends offer solutions for every taste and lifestyle. 

1. Sociable Kitchen Spaces: The Hub of Socializing and Entertaining

In recent years, kitchens have become more than just places to cook and eat; they’ve evolved into centralized hubs where family and friends come together to socialize and entertain. This trend is particularly relevant now that most people spend time working from home or attending online events.

Designing a kitchen with socializing in mind means creating an inviting space that accommodates all kinds of activities. One must consider integrating seating areas such as bar stools at the central island or breakfast nooks that are cozy corners suitable for casual conversations away from the formal dining room.

Creating efficient work areas while still providing enough space for guests can be tricky—but not impossible! The white open-plan kitchen has been a staple design due to its bright charm through reflective surfaces. A timeless classic helps keep your stylish spaces stylish over time.

With fewer barriers between living zones, it creates better sightlines, so you won’t miss out on catching up during meal prep either!

2. Smart Technology Integration: Streamlining Efficiency and Convenience

Technological advancements have drastically changed how we live and work. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that technology has revolutionized our modern kitchens. From refrigerators that can track your grocery list to smart ovens with built-in cameras, there are many innovative ways homeowners can streamline their kitchen routine.

Smart appliances allow you to control everything from lighting and ventilation systems to dampers on range hoods through voice controls or smartphone apps. Such technologies help minimize water usage and electricity usage while saving you time too!

Integrating these advanced pieces into bespoke kitchens will ensure sustainability improvements—allowing users deep insight into energy consumption based on changing demands in the home.

3. Sustainable Design: Eco-friendly Materials and Practices

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword; it’s our responsibility as homeowners and builders to reduce our environmental impact. Fortunately, there are plenty of eco-friendly kitchen design trends to consider when building or remodeling your home.

One popular trend in sustainable kitchen design is the use of recycled materials. For example, using reclaimed wood for your cabinetry can reduce deforestation and offer unique textures and character in your kitchen space. LED lighting fixtures are another popular choice among green consumers due to their energy-saving capabilities compared with traditional bulbs.

Additionally, incorporating sustainable practices into the entire building process can also have an impact on sustainability efforts. Utilizing renewable resources like solar power or water recycling systems can make significant strides toward sustainability while making room for cost savings over time.

4. Multi-purpose Kitchen Islands: Versatility and Functionality

As kitchens become more of a multi-functional space than ever before, kitchen islands provide an excellent solution to decluttering countertops and optimizing storage. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, multi-purpose kitchen islands offer versatility and functionality that can transform your cooking area into a hub of social activity.

One popular trend on the rise is the use of mobile, or moveable, islands. These can be easily shifted around for cleaning or entertaining purposes. Moreover, larger media-friendly models function as casual eating venues where you find breakfast bar stools occupying them, providing extra seating opportunities at get-togethers.

But it’s not just about aesthetics; adding functional elements like sink and utensil drawers embedded into them everywhere adds invaluable convenience value too! According to a Houzz research study, “90% of renovating homeowners install new appliances when updating their kitchen spaces.” 

5. Bold Color Statements: Vibrant Hues and Contrasting Accents

If you want to add personality and energy to your kitchen, go bold with colors. In recent years, white kitchens have been dominating home design trends. While still classic and timeless, the plainness of white can make a space feel dull or lacking in warmth.

Nowadays, interior designers are going crazy over striking hues that create focal points and give individuality to the place. Vibrant blues, such as teal, make your kitchen pop, while emerald green is refreshing for kitchen cabinet doors or countertops.

However, don’t get too carried away. Unless you’re looking at re-selling soonish, sticking with solid pastel walls will last through any number of style renovations over time. 

Opting for out-of-the-box choices helps bring personality within budget constraints as well. Adding statement pieces into corners like rose-red pans hanging above the stove exemplifies how minor choices change final outcomes drastically.

6. Seamless Integration: Hidden Appliances and Concealed Storage

Seamless integration is one of those top kitchen interior design trends that can save valuable space and enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic. Integrating appliances into the cabinet helps maintain clean lines and eliminates visual clutter, creating a visually streamlined look.

With hidden appliances like built-in refrigerator drawers or under-counter microwaves becoming more popular every year, it’s easy to see why concealed storage options are having such a moment. By installing additions like recessed pantries or camouflaged cabinets with push-open doors in their kitchens, homeowners gain efficiency as well as elegance.

According to 2021 industry reports through Statista, they linked popular product searches related to integrated appliance trends. It showed increased consumer demand for this feature over time.

7. Organic Materials: Natural Elements for Warmth and Texture

We’re now seeing homeowners embrace the rich warmth and texture that natural elements bring to kitchens. Make use of organic materials—think honed marble countertops, natural wood cabinetry, shelving, clay, or terracotta tiles. This adds character and earthiness to any design scheme. Plus, these finishes don’t just look great; they are also more sustainable than synthetics or plastics.

Adding wooden elements can help soften harsh edges in contemporary designs while adding rustic charm to traditional ones. Consider unique textures like live edge countertops for an avant-garde aesthetic straight out of nature.

8. Unique Backsplash: Artistic Patterns and Eye-catching Designs

Kitchen Design Trends

When it comes to creating a wow factor in your kitchen, don’t underestimate the power of custom backsplashes. These days, homeowners are looking for unique and eye-catching designs that add color and originality to their spaces. Choose from mosaic tile work with ornate patterns or textured 3D tiles.

Popular materials include glass, stone, porcelain, or handmade ceramic. Many designers even suggest taking backsplashes up to the ceiling, as they can make excellent focal points in kitchens.

So why not try something different? With finished product costs starting at around $10 per square foot (approx.), this simple change is ideal for those who want added visual appeal without breaking the bank!

9. Functional Lighting Design: Layered Illumination and Smart Controls

Gone are the days when kitchen lighting was just an afterthought. Today’s kitchen designs incorporate functional lighting that can enhance both form and function. 

For instance, layered illumination can integrate overhead fixtures with under-cabinet lights to create even task lighting throughout your space. Additionally, smart controls allow you to adjust your kitchen’s mood in seconds via a mobile app or voice command without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Research has shown that well-placed task lighting improves productivity while reducing eye strain, and dimmer switches have also been proven to significantly affect mood. By blending practicality with aesthetics using these versatile light sources and long-lasting LED bulbs, you, too, can achieve a perfectly lit culinary workspace.

10. Personalized Touches: Customized Features and Bespoke Details

When it comes to kitchen design, customization is key. After all, this is your home – the hub of your life! You want to make sure that every aspect reflects who you are and how you live.

Fortunately, there are many ways to add personalized touches to the kitchen. One popular option is customized cabinetry or built-ins that reflect your specific storage needs while also providing excellent visual appeal. 

Another way homeowners achieve personalization in their kitchen space is by adding bespoke details, such as customized hardware on cabinet doors and drawers. You can also go further by adding unique countertops like handcrafted tiles; these provide both style options and individuality.

With so much potential for creativity combined with functionally driven designs, it creates a splendid array of personalized components when designing kitchens!


So, explore the new ways of designing sociable spaces with sustainable eco-materials, adding personal touches like unique backsplashes or concealed storage solutions! Make your Wayzata home stand out with these forward-thinking design ideas.

In the end, always remember that while keeping up with trends is important, your personal style and preferences should always take center stage. Choose what fits your lifestyle and aligns best with your home’s overall design scheme.

Feeling overwhelmed by all these options or unsure how to make them work in practice? Do not hesitate to call upon professional help! Consulting an expert kitchen designer will guarantee that functionality meets form seamlessly.

At Black Dog Homes, we specialize in creating bespoke kitchens that are both beautiful and functional – incorporating the latest trends into personalized designs tailored to meet each homeowner’s individual taste. If you’re considering renovating or building a new home in Wayzata, get started today by contacting us!