4 Things to Include In Your Home Addition and Why

Homeowners can upgrade their living spaces without having to move with a couple of house additions. For instance, adding an extra room, or in some cases, an entire upper floor, can help ensure that everyone in your family has the space they need. It will also allow you to fully appreciate the changes of house additions before and after the project.  

Since there are so many options out there, you can look at 4 things to include in your home addition to make things simple. These projects can also be a great investment for those looking to raise the value of their property. Nonetheless, you should never forget that it can be a challenging task.

That said, the following are some excellent home addition ideas.

A Look at 4 Things to Include In Your Home Addition

1. Kitchen Home Additions

People spend a large portion of their time in the kitchen. As a result, it is a space that can make or break the feel of a home. For instance, if you love to cook and entertain guests, then having a small and poorly designed kitchen is not an option. You will most likely want a big space that is well-furnished and has beautiful walls.

As a result, you should plan for a home addition that will provide you with the kind of kitchen you want. Collect your ideas, outline your budget and get the right people to do the job for you.

4 things to include in your home addition

2. Sunroom Home Additions

When looking at 4 things to include in your home addition, a well-built, beautiful sunroom cannot miss to make the list. This is because it can make even the most modest home look elegant. These rooms allow lots of natural light to get in, meaning that your space will always shine bright. They also come in a few different varieties, some of which include:

Three-season sunrooms

This is a standard sunroom that you can fit in almost every home. However, the three-season sunroom is usually not well insulated. This means that you cannot use it during the year’s coldest months.

Four-season sunrooms

Four-season sunrooms tend to be well-insulated and can be used throughout the winter. On the flip side, they cost more than their three-season sunroom counterpart, as one would expect. The good thing is that you will get more out of them.


A solarium is a kind of sunroom that is made entirely of glass. As a result, it requires thermal technology for it to remain insulated. All these factors make give quite a high price tag. Nonetheless, for those who can, it can double up as a greenhouse for flowers that need full sunlight.

3. Bathroom Home Additions

In case you didn’t know, a bathroom addition can help raise the value of your property. The process is also relatively simple since it doesn’t require too much space. For instance, you could convert one of your closets or the area underneath your stairs into a bathroom. You could even decide to add a whole new room entirely.

Nonetheless, a critical component you or your twin cities remodeling contractors will have to look at is the piping. For instance, if you decide to put your new bathroom in the basement, the process will be fairly easy since the piping will be right there.

On the other hand, if you plan to make this home addition at the back of your house, you will more than likely need to pay a bit extra to get the piping where it needs to be. These costs can accumulate quickly if you need to know what you are doing.

4. Bedroom Addition

Last but not least in our 4 things to include in your home addition, is the bedroom. Some homeowners choose to convert either a spare room or a section of their basement into a bedroom. This not only helps to raise the value of your property but also serve as a space where guests or family can sleep when they come over. For some, an extra bedroom could be more cost-effective than having to pay for hotel rooms if you have get guests regularly.


Home additions can be excellent investments for property owners, be it a minor addition or a full-blown remodeling project. Also, if you have no plans to move any time soon, you can definitely consider an addition that will be practical and profitable in the long run.
If you need advice on what home additions would be best for your property or already have one in mind, you can reach out to us today at Black Dog Homes. We can to get things rolling and provide a quote on various home additions if necessary.