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Specialty Room Renovations


At its most basic, a house is a place that provides shelter and protects you from the elements as you sleep and eat. However, a home can be so much more, and it starts by creating space that supports various facets of your lifestyle in addition to your basic needs. At Black Dog Homes, we can help you build a specialty room of your choice, either by remodeling an existing space or expanding your house. From wine cellars and home theaters to libraries and art studios, these one-of-a-kind rooms are what truly turn a house into your home.

Unique Spaces for Custom Remodeling

Building a specialty room at your home in the West Suburbs of the Twin Cities starts with a very personal examination of your own recreation and entertainment habits and the lifestyle you strive for. What sort of activities do you enjoy and what kind of remodeled space do you need to indulge in these hobbies within the comfort of your own house? As the term “specialty room” implies, there are dozens of possibilities limited only by your personal taste. Here are just a few remodeling ideas to consider for your Twin Cities home:

1. Wine Cellars and Lounges

Create a place to escape within your home and enjoy a drink or glass of wine with your friends and family. You can design a home wine cellar with a controlled environment to preserve your valuable collection, or even add a wine closet off your kitchen or garage. Lounges or sports rooms with a wet bar are also popular home additions. This specialty room can be set up with a billiard or pool table, a space for poker or tabletop games, comfortable seating, and ambient lighting. Cheers!

2. Home Theater

If you love entertaining, this option is for you! Your home theater can be tailored to your family’s specific entertainment needs. Generally, you’ll want to include an entertainment center, lots of seating, and the proper audio and visual equipment upgrades for watching movies, playing video games, or doing karaoke. For extra comfort and convenience, add a refrigerator, countertop and sink, and storage space for snacks and drinks.

3. Library

Many people dream of having a relaxing place to spend a lazy afternoon with a good book. Libraries make great specialty rooms, plus they’re a relatively simple remodel. Consider built-in shelves for a beautifully aesthetic way to store your assortment of reading materials. You’ll also want to augment the natural light so you can read or study for several hours in comfort. A desk, sofa, and fireplace or gas stove are also nice additions to a home library. If you don’t want to dedicate a whole room to your books, think about building a reading nook in an unutilized spot in your home.

4. Hobby Space

If you have a hobby that is cluttering up or disorganizing a central spot in your home, like your kitchen or living room, it’s time to build a specialty room dedicated to your practice. Whether it be an arts and crafts room, a music studio, or a playroom for your kids, this new room will give your household space to spread out and enjoy individual activities more comfortably.

5. Fitness Room

For fitness lovers, a home gym is always a good option. Your exercise routine may include lots of lifting equipment, a treadmill, or other machines, or you can set up a specialty spot for yoga, dance, or other types of fitness. Your exercises of choice will determine the best lighting, flooring, and furnishings for the room.

6. Staircases and Elevators

Staircases and elevators play a practical role—helping you get from one level of your home to another—but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful features that enhance appearance as well as the function of your space. We can help you identify the perfect spot in your house to add your new elevator or staircase and how to make it fit well with the rest of your home design.

7. Outdoor Living Spaces

When it comes to specialty spaces, it can help think outside the box—or in this case, the walls of your home. If your family prefers outdoor recreation, consider renovating your yard to add a unique feature, such as an outdoor pavilion, putting green, skating ramp, outdoor kitchen, or a small greenhouse. There are a number of creative ways to expand your recreational options.

8. Sport-Court

For specialty additions, you don’t want to leave out the sport-court. If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that having a place to work out at home is a necessity. Whether you want an indoor place to shoot hoops, a sporty play area for your young kids to burn off energy, or a racket ball court, the options are endless. That way, whatever the wintry mix of Minnesota is, you can still practice your favorite sport protected from the weather and in the privacy of your own home.

9. Golf Simulator

Another specialty addition to consider is the indoor golf simulator. Why be restrained by the winters of the Twin Cities when you can have access to the green all year long? This space will be tailored to the electronic setup and space needed for a golf simulator. And when the summer rolls around, you’ll be able to impress your friends with your practiced drive. 

10. Steam Shower

Perhaps you just want to upgrade your bathroom so you can fully relax after a stressful day or you are simply tired of your current shower setup. A steam shower is a small but effective improvement that many home builders can add that also lends that extra edge for resale value for if/when you put your house on the market.

11. Infrared Sauna

These Nordic specialty additions are often added to homes for their amazing health benefits. An infrared sauna is another creative option for an in-home space to unwind after a long day. Whether it’s improving your skin, increasing your metabolism, easing muscle pain/joint stiffness, or just the overall detoxification benefits, you’ll be reaping the benefits for years to come.

Cost of Adding a Specialty Room in the Twin Cities

By definition, custom remodeling encompasses several variables that impact not only the scope of your project but also the price. The cost for your new specialty room depends first and foremost on what you’re creating. For instance, the cost for a simple library or pared-down arts and crafts room will vary dramatically from the cost to build an in-home bar, which requires adequate plumbing and installing new appliances.

The cost for your custom remodel also depends on whether you’re renovating an existing space to give it new life and purpose, or if you’re building onto your home and expanding its footprint. Another factor that impacts your project price is the quality of features and finishes you choose, which can range from economy grade to high-end. Once you have a vision for your new specialty space, as well as a rough budget, our team at Black Dog Homes can help you refine your project goals and design a realistic remodeling plan within your designated price range.

The Design-Build Remodeling Process

When you’re creating a custom space, the design portion of the project is as important as how the space is constructed. You’ll need to develop drawings that ensure your new specialty room functions as you desire and fits well into the grand scheme of your Twin Cities home.

At Black Dog Homes, we offer a full range of design-build services to streamline the remodeling process. You’re working with the same team from start to finish, which ensures the quality of communication and collaboration necessary for unique remodeling projects. With input from multiple key players, we can implement value-engineering throughout the process and continue to refine the scope of your project until you’re completely satisfied and confident that what’s on paper is what you’ll see at the end of the remodel.

Starting Your Custom Remodel in the West Suburbs

Ready to make your home even more one-of-a-kind? Our team at Black Dog Homes looks forward to helping you design and build a new specialty room that will increase the value of your property in the Twin Cities area, but more importantly, provide fun, entertainment and a better quality of life for your whole family. When you’re ready to start your Twin Cities remodeling project, contact us. We look forward to working with you: 763.308.5098.

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