Basement Remodeling Ideas For Your Wayzata Home

When you picture a basement, what comes to mind? Is it a dark, creepy place, filled with cobwebs and strange noises, that you only visit when absolutely necessary before running back upstairs as quickly as possible?

Well, it might be time to think again. With the help of a major basement remodel, you can transform this typically dank and forbidding space into a warm, inviting room fashioned for whatever purpose you desire.

Top Basement Design Ideas

Whether you’ve recently moved to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and purchased your first home or you’ve lived at your residence for many years, even decades, a finished basement can be used in numerous ways to augment the functional space within your house. It all depends on your budget for the home improvement project, the size of the space, and what you need to maximize the comfort and quality of your family life. If you’re not quite sure how to use your renovated basement, here are a few common design ideas derived by other people that you’re welcome to nab:

1. Home Office

Working from home has rarely been as pervasive as it is in 2020. Even when the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, associated changes to the business landscape are expected to linger, at least partially, into the future. Even for those who don’t necessarily require a home office for their professional work, it’s nice to have a designated space in your house where you can work on your laptop or computer, make copies, and file important documents. To create a home office in your basement, make sure you have comfortable seating, a standalone or built-in desk, adequate storage, and enough electrical outlets to accommodate your technology and office supplies.

2. Entertaining Space

Do you enjoy hosting parties and events at your home? If so, turning your finished basement into an entertainment space is the perfect idea. Make sure the basement is spacious and welcoming, filled with warmth and light. If you are a big fan of tabletop games and card games, include a large table and seating area that can accommodate a small group of people. Otherwise, consider soft chairs and a large sectional couch. Also, having your home remodeling team incorporate a small bar area with a sink and mini refrigerator makes for the ultimate party environment.

3. Dedicated Education Area

Homeschool Room | Houzz

Another popular finished basement idea is to create a designated study or homeschooling area. Once again, this type of living space has become increasingly important this year as a result of remote learning. Even after your children go back to school in person, it can be beneficial for them to have a kid-friendly space with comfortable furniture, storage, arts and crafts supplies, and their toys. If you decide to remodel your basement as a space for young learners, let loose and have fun with the design. For example, covering a wall with black chalk paint serves a practical purpose and also adds whimsy.

4. Home Gym

Interested in fitness? Constructing a home gym is one of the less complicated basement renovation ideas. You mostly want to focus on having open space, the right type of flooring, and good ventilation. From there, you can tailor the space to your preferred form of exercise. If you’re a runner or walker, a treadmill may be the only piece of large equipment you need. For yoga, Pilates, and other similar practices, focus on creating a quiet, zen environment with lighting that can be altered to set the right mood. Consider incorporating a television set or sound equipment if you like having that stimulus when you work out.

5. In-law Suite

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Multigenerational living is on the right across the country. While there are numerous advantages to older children living at home through college or housing an aging loved one, it can also be stressful and uncomfortable if you don’t have a suitable environment. Make the most of your basement by turning it into a multigenerational in-law suite, complete with a small kitchenette and bathroom facilities. You can even include an elevator so it’s ADA-accessible for an older parent. This provides everyone in your household with the privacy they need to live comfortably together. Additionally, you can rent out a renovated basement suite to collect a little extra income.

6. Home Theater

When it comes to modern basement ideas, a home theater is classic. You can make it as lavish and high-tech as you want, but at the end of the day, all you really need is a plush couch and a big-screen television. Gaming systems and surround-sound are also nice touches. However, your family might just as well prefer a small stage area for band practice or watching the grandchildren put on creative performances. Incorporate a counter and potentially a built-in microwave, as well as a small refrigerator and storage for snacks, DVDs, CDs, and other supplies.

7. Extra Bedroom

Your renovated basement can also serve as an extra bedroom or themed guest room for your home in Wayzata. If your family is growing or you have children getting up into their teens, they may appreciate the extra privacy—not to mention the opportunity to go crazy decorating the space to their taste. You may appreciate having them downstairs and out of earshot when they’re hosting their friends for a sleepover. On the other hand, if you enjoy having friends and extended family to visit, a sleek, modern guest suite with a built-in dresser and shelves and small pedestal sink might be the perfect fit.

8. Wine Cellar

Because basements are naturally cooler than above-ground spaces, you can use that to your advantage by creating a convenient cold room or wine cellar. You may need to do additional work to create a temperature- and humidity-controlled space if you want to store vintage wines or aging cheeses. Finish the room off with ambient lighting and vintage parlor seating so you can host tastings or enjoy a glass of wine in solitude.

9. Sport Court or Golf Simulator

Do you have a sport you love? Adding a sport court for basketball, tennis, or golf could be the basement idea to get you through the long Minnesota winters. Many sport courts will require special ceiling height which may or may not work with your current basement setup. Whatever the sport, we can help get you the space to practice anytime you wish.

How to Get More Space in Your Home in Wayzata

Lack of space is a common issue among families in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. More specifically, lack of livable space. However, you may have more room than you think—it just needs to be repurposed and upgraded to better serve your family’s needs. Thanks to our comprehensive design-build process, our team at Black Dog Homes can help you refine your basement remodeling vision so it accomplishes what you hope for in a strategic, cost-effective way.